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Twenty-Third Edition: Berlin

Picture from Teufelberg

  1. This weeks’s study spot: Grimm Library. Beautiful library, studious atmosphere and 1 euro coffee in the university cafe, but you do need an Eduroam account to access their wifi! Otherwise, a great place to do off-line work. Keep in mind that you are not allowed to bring your bag in with you. Instead they have lockers where you can leave your belongings so plan on bringing a lock or buying one there. 15 minute bike ride from the residence
  2. Restaurant recommendation for the week: simitdchi. This roughly translates to “person selling simit” from Turkish, simit being a round bread similar to a bagel. Simitdchi is a 7 minute walk from the residence on the way to Kottbusser Tor and has amazing Turkish breakfasts - most of them including Simit. My recommendation is to eat menemen, Turkish scrambled eggs, with simit. 7 minute walk from residence
  3. As a study break — check out Teufelberg. This was advertised by NoMore last week, but I wanted to recommend it again for those of you that didn’t make it! Teufelberg area was originally thought to be inhabited by goblins and fairies. After WW2 the area was filled up with rubble. The piles of rubble soon became the tallest hill in Berlin. During the time of the Cold War, both the British and the Americans used this place for espionage. It is no longer the tallest hill in Berlin but the view is incredible and there are a range of new and old graffiti/murals. 70 minute bike/public transport from residence
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