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Twenty-Seventh Edition: Berlin

Alexanderplatz Christmas Market

  1. First recommendation for the week is to visit a Christmas market - there are Christmas markets all over Berlin and 100% worth checking out! You might be freezing but the food, music, lights, ice-skating and rides will help distract you. :) Link to all the Christmas markets in Berlin:
  2. Study spot for this week, Michelberger Cafe. This cafe is part of Michelberger hotel, which means that it opens incredibly early (6 AM) and is also open on Sundays! Its a 10 minute bike ride from the residence, absolutely beautiful cafe with quality wifi. The bike ride there is also nice, passing by the East Side Gallery Wall, following the river and takes about 10 minutes. Link(for the restaurant):
  3. As a second cafe recommendation for this week: Neumann’s Kaffee & Brot. As the name suggests, they serve not only coffee… but also bread (and other food options). Great work atmosphere and 15 minute bike ride from residence. Neumann’s opens at 9:30 AM during the week and 10 AM on the weekends. Link: 
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