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Twenty-Fourth Edition: Berlin

Picture from MauerPark

  1. This week’s study spot: St. oberholz cafe. St. oberholz is a 20 minute bike ride from the residence hall in Mitte, with the second floor operating as a co-working space. Unfortunately you have to pay a membership for the second floor… but you can still work on the first floor for the price of a coffee/tea/bagel! The cafe has a quiet, focused atmosphere and is a great place to help you crank through assignments and readings. 
  2. As a study break - check out Mauerpark on a Sunday afternoon. It’s getting colder, but the outdoor flea market is still in full swing and there are sporadic performances in the park area. In the flea market you can buy literally anything you could want and many things you would never think of buying. On the practical end there are plenty of people selling winter clothing at cheap prices. Alternatively, you could also go to Mauerpark to buy vintage telephones, used cameras or cracked glasses. 
  3. Craving Boba? Check out “Come buy” slightly past Alexanderplatz, which serves a full range of boba. According to our resident boba expert, Ben Chen, “It’s acceptable, as in it is good but not amazing. But also it’s the best bubble tea I know of in Berlin”. 
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