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Twenty-first Edition: Hyderabad

The penultimate 5s of the semester!

1. As a break from the stress of finals, take a walk around Durgam Cheruvu Secret Lake. It’s a beautiful pocket of nature hidden between Madhapur and Jubilee Hills, and is one of the quietest spots I’ve found in the city. It’s here.

2. For a fresh and healthy breakfast, head to iHow, a cafe attached to O2 Spa in Jubilee Hills. It’s a wellness cafe and the food is some of the best I’ve had in Hyderabad. If you feel like a really good, clean meal, would highly recommend a visit. Mumbai street eggs are particularly good. Find it here.

3. My favourite place to grab a cup (or three) of chai on the street is only five minutes from the residence. Take a left out of At Home, then the first right, and walk down that road all the way to the end. You will pass a number of street food stalls selling dosa, thalis, and idly, but head to the one right at the end on the right that has osmania biscuits and chai. Too delicious.

4. For the vegans and vegetarians, check out Smart Alec Alternative Deli. It’s a cafe and restaurant that serves only vegan food, located in Jubilee Hills. You can sit outside, so can be a really nice spot to head for an evening once it’s cooled down a little. Find it here.

5. To find some gifts to bring home at the end of the semester, and for a whirlwind shopping experience, take an afternoon to visit Laad Bazaar. It’s a marketplace in the old city, extending through the area around Charminar, and is very famous for bangles. A lot of fun to let yourself wander the streets of the bazaar. Find it here.

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