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Twenty-Fifth Edition: Berlin

Berliner Stadtbibliothek

  1. Study spot for this week, Berliner Stadtbibliothek. It’s a 10 minute bike ride from the residence and has wifi, coffee and cheap food options! All their drinks and food are under 3 euros and the atmosphere is very (very) quiet, so great for assignment cramming. They also have group study rooms where talking is allowed if you’re working on group projects! Closed on Sundays but otherwise open daily from 10AM-9PM. 
  2. Restaurant highlight this week is Mawal. This restaurant is on the way to Kottbusser Tor, serving delicious shawarma, falafel, halloumi wraps all for 3-4 euros. Alternatively, falafel, meat or veggie plates cost around 5-6 euros. 
  3. If you’re looking for a way to stay active as it gets colder - it could be time to try bouldering! There are several boulder clubs near the residence, the closest being Boulderklub Kreuzberg. This bouldering club is included in the “Urban Sports Club” membership, otherwise 1-time climbing costs 5 euros.
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