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Twenty-Eighth Edition: Berlin

Cafe Profilers

  1. As a unique museum recommendation for the week, check out Berliner Unterwelten! It’s a museum/tour group founded in 1997 to explore and preserve the city’s underground. The organization’s base is in a former air raid bunker in the Gesundbrunnen subway station, now the Unterwelten Museum. They offer various tours, which cost 10 euros for students, that explore Berlin’s bunkers, tunnels, walkways, canals, storage rooms, bomb and ammunition storage and abandoned subway stations. Link:
  2. Study spot for the week, Cafe Profilers. This cafe serves great coffee and is a 15 minute bike ride from the residence, in the Friedrichshain neighborhood. Hours are 8AM-6PM during the week and 10AM-6PM on the weekends. 
  3. Another place to check out is Cafe am neuen see. It’s a cosy cafe/restaurant/biergarten in the middle of Tiergarten park with indoor seating, which allows you to be close to nature without freezing in the process! They do also have great outdoor seating for the warmer months of the year. 
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