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Twentieth Edition: Hyderabad

A few weeks left this semester, a few more weeks to enjoy the city...

1. It’s mango season! If you like mangoes as much as me you probably already know this, but mangoes are finally ripe. They have a limited selection at Heritage, and if you walk five minutes more to the fruit & veg store you can get a much wider range. Enjoy.

2. Hyderabad seems to have a crazy amount of all-you-can-eat places, and myself, Connor, and Eric have done our best to scope out the best. If you want a pretty affordable, delicious, brunch buffet, then head to Ten J in Jubilee Hills. Really great food and only 400 rupees for all you can eat. Find it here.

3. Gulab jamun. This may be the dish I will miss the most when I leave India. It’s a classic Indian dessert, and is basically a little dough ball soaked in sugar syrup and served warm. It is ridiculously good. It also becomes even better when you have it with vanilla ice cream. You can find it on the dessert menu at most Indian restaurants.

4. Jagannath temple. This is a famous Hindu temple in Banjara Hills. It’s a beautiful red sandstone building, and one of the most striking Hindu temples in the city. You can find it here.

5. If you haven’t been yet, make sure you go and explore Charminar before the end of the semester. Spend an afternoon exploring the streets around the Charminar, trying some street food, picking up some souvenirs from the markets to take back home, and enjoying the colours of the old city. Don’t go on a Friday as it will be crazy busy around the mosque for prayers!

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