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Tenth Edition: Seoul

The last Seoul edition of the Weekly 5s

Here’s the very last Weekly Fives for Seoul. Wishing everyone all the best with finals and make sure you look after yourselves this week! We’re almost there!

I’ve collected some of my favourite cafes for working in, knowing that this week is likely going to be all about finals:

- Fritz
- Thesis
- Osulluc
- Standard Coffee Bar
- Agreable

Outside of Gangnam
- Orang Orang - Haebangchon
- Onion - Seongsu
- Blute - Hongdae
- Coffeesmith - Sinsa
- Anthracite - Hapejeong

All can be googled to find locations, and if you have any trouble hit me with a message and I'll help you out.

I also thought I’d make a little list of things I’ve loved doing in Seoul, for those who are trying to find some final things to do before the end of the semester!

1. Hike part of the Seoul Fortress Wall. The fortress wall is 18km long and wraps the city. If you’re feeling brave you could try to hike the whole thing, but if you’re just after an afternoon of exploring, I’d recommend starting at the bottom of Namsan, following the wall to the top, and then back down through Dongdaemum and up to Ihwa Mural Village, where you can settle in for a hot drink and some lovely cafes. This is such a GOOD way to see the city.

2. Some neighbourhoods that I’m going to miss an awful lot when we leave: Ikseon-dong, Bukchon, Songs-dong, Haebangchon, Hongdae. Take the train to any one of these and just wander, stopping off when something catches your eye. So much to find in each of these places.

3. Okay making a list is too difficult. Let’s just do this instead: Try all you can eat Korean BBQ. Find something on the menu that you have never tried; order it. Stop at the street food carts and eat something hot. GO TO THE BASEBALL CAGES. Get rid of all your coins at an arcade getting schooled in basketball by Koreans. Join the masses of Korean couples eating ice-cream in winter at Baskin Robbins. Go to one of 600 aesthetically pleasing cafes WITHOUT your laptop and drink overpriced coffee with a friend. Find a rooftop and watch the city at night.

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