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Sixth Edition: Seoul

A bit of a Fall theme this week...

1. Perfect neighbourhood for cafe-hopping. Garosu-gil. This is a new find, an area only 12 minutes away on the subway from Gangnam, with some the best cafes and art galleries I’ve seen in Seoul. The main street is lined with tall trees filled with golden leaves, and there are plenty of little side streets to get lost in. Most of the really cool cafes are on the smaller streets off the main road. Also, for those who remember ‘Mr. Holmes Bakehouse’ from San Francisco, they have one here, AND it’s delicious, AND it’s a great place to work. To get here, head to Sinsa Station, take Exit 8, walk 200 metres and take a left onto Garuso-gil. Can’t miss it.

2. Green things. A new salad place has opened up a few minutes from UP called Saladay. They have a bunch of different salad options for decent-ish prices (I think it was 4000 to 7000 won). Would recommend as a break from endless gimbap. Avocado-cobb salad is pretty tasty. To get there, follow this map:

3. For those who are feeling the cold and weren’t quite as prepared as you thought (me), I thought I’d include a few good thrift stores for picking up winter coats/sweaters/beanies etc. Vin Prime I’ve posted before, it’s just inside Exit 5 of Gangnam Station and has a good range. Another chain of thrift stores is called Beautiful Store, which has some great stuff. You can find all the Seoul stores here: There’s one not far from us (Yangjae).

4. Even though it feels like winter, it’s still only Autumn, which means the trees are BEAUTIFUL at the moment. If you want to take a break from working and feel like a walk, Yangjae Citizens Park is about a twenty minute walk from UP. There are a bunch of trails to explore, badminton courts, workout stations, and plenty of places to sit and read with a blanket or two if that’s your thing. Turn right at Gangnam-daero and follow it all the way to Yangjae Station. Continuing in that direction, cross the road and follow the signs to the park.

5. I know a lot of people are spending time in Hongdae, so thought I’d add a cafe rec or two. Blute is a cosy little cafe in an overgrown garden, tucked away from the streets, surrounded by flowers and vines. Address and how to get there are at the end of this blog post: ( As well as Blute, here are a few more in the Hongdae area recommended courtesy of Zach: Anthracite Seogyo, Four Basic, and Belief.

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