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Sixteenth Edition: Hyderabad

Bit of a food focus this week to keep everyone fueled up during the week

1. This was in one of the first Hyderabad Weekly Fives, but I revisited it this week and want to urge as many people to visit as possible: Maqtha Art District. It’s a small residential neighbourhood filled with colour, with hidden murals lining alleyways, covering entire buildings, or marking the entrance to homes. I just think it’s such a fascinating blend of old Hyderabad and new Hyderabad, and would love people to spend a few hours walking these streets and paying attention to what you find. More background here.

2. Le Vantage Cafe & Bar in Jubilee Hills is a beautiful space, ideal for working. There’s wifi and outlets, you can sit on the terrace out in the sun, and it’s one of the few cafes open nice and early (8am). Try out the Marocchino Con Nutella (basically a latte where the glass is lined with nutella), and the vege burger - both great. Find it here

3. Weirdly under-marketed, February is ‘Great Indian Restaurant Festival’ month, which basically just means a ton of restaurants around the country are 50% off. You can check out the many options in Hyderabad here. A fair few of them are fine dining spots, so if you’re feeling fancy (but also on a budget) perhaps this is a good month to indulge.


4. Keeping with the food theme, great healthy spot I’ve been enjoying: Bowl’d Mongolian Grill. They have superfood bowls, which are delicious and jam packed with goodness for around 200 rupees. They’re on Swiggy, but if you feel like visiting the spot, it’s about ten minutes away by auto, and they have wifi so you can work while you’re being healthy.

5. Little grocery hack: in the freezer at Heritage you can get big packs of mixed frozen veggies for 50 rupees. Inexpensive way of getting more veggies in your diet, and might be helpful for people who have been having a tough time with food and illness the last little while. Also, ideal for smoothies! Helpful advice in this article.

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