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Seventh Edition: Seoul

It's gallery season...

1. It’s getting cold enough to call it art gallery and museum season. Here’s a little collection of galleries which are pretty cool. Gallery Factory is a rad space in an up and coming creative neighbourhood , Project Space Sarubia is an experimental art space in a basement, and then there’s Dongdaemum Design Plaza, which is kind of an art piece in itself.

2. It also feels like a staying in bed reading books kind of time of the year. If you’re looking for some new books, there’s a great English bookstore in Itaewon full of used and new books called What The Book. Lovely, helpful people if you don’t know what to read.

3. For those who missed the co-curricular, check out the Korean Furniture Museum. Credit to Guillaume for the recommendation, this is a unique and beautiful museum that is a whole lot more interesting than the name may suggest. Have heard great things from many people.

4. I know quite a few people have already done this, but I just wanted to make an extra case for it. Hike Bukhansan. It is a beautiful way to spend the day, and gives one of the most breathtaking views of Seoul from the top that you could possibly find. This is the perfect time to do it with the leaves changing colour and the Autumn air crisp. Cannot recommend highly enough. If you need help planning out that trip send me a message!

5. A little one to finish the week. Juicy, alongside having good juices, also has a range of cheap winter drinks which are pretty gooooood. Hot chocolates, teas, and hot herbal drinks of some description, all for 1000 to 2000 won. Keeps the hands warm while you wander the streets and a good alternative to coffee.

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