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Nineteenth Edition: Hyderabad

A few more things to keep you busy as we enter our last month of the semester...

1. Birla Mandir is a Hindu temple, constructed with enormous quantities of white marble. It’s a pretty breathtaking sight and one of the best pieces of architecture I’ve seen in the city. Also, from the top you get a full panorama of the city, an ideal spot to reflect on your last few months here. Find it here.

2. Incredibly delicious Indian dessert often found on the street: faluda (or falooda). This is a sweet, creamy drink made from rose syrup, vermicelli, ice cream and a few other things. It’s sounds odd, but tastes incredible. Highly recommend it as a unique food experience in Hyderabad.

3. I know many of you have already been to the standing dosa place, but in case you haven’t I highly recommend! A ten minute-walk from us, it serves top notch dosa, idly, paratha and more, is super cheap, and is always buzzing with energy in the mornings. A great spot for a breakfast catch up. Find it here.

4. The Indian Premier League starts on the 7th of April! This is one of the biggest cricket tournaments in the world and features pretty much all of the best cricketers from all of the top international teams. Hyderabad has a brilliant team this year, with both Kane Williamson (the best New Zealand player) and David Warner (one of the top Australian batsmen). It’s a rad event to be here for, even if you’d don’t like cricket I’d recommend getting tickets for the spectacle alone!

5. Good Cow Cafe. New spot that opened a few weeks ago in Jubilee Hills. Beautiful space, tons of seating, quick wifi. The owners are really kind and welcome us to come and work there. Just remember to buy something when you go and not take up too many tables! Find it here.

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