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Fourteenth Edition: Hyderabad

With break coming up this week, some of these ideas might be useful

1. My favourite cafe find so far: Paaka Organic Cafe. A beautiful space made mostly of clay and bamboo, with outlets galore, an upstairs seating, no walls, and a delicious menu of organic food, Paaka is an ideal place to work and spend hours. The manager is a really kind fella, and has invited anyone to come and hang out and work for as long as you like. Find it here, about a twenty minute ride from home.

2. Books! Ten minutes ride from us is Liberty Bookstore, which has a huge range of secondhand paperback and hardcover books. They’re very inexpensive, and they have a very decent range of newly published fiction and non fiction, plus an extensive classics section. If you like to read things on something other than your laptop screen, pay it a visit here

3. Something we’ve probably all discovered at this point is that many things that we’ve found expensive in other cities are relatively cheap here. One of those things is movies. To go and watch a film at the cinema will cost you anywhere between 100 and 150 rupees. PVR Cinemas are good if you’re looking for English releases, but there are a ton of cinemas around and I’d highly recommend delving into some Indian cinema while we’re here!

4. If you’re interested in eating some unbelievably good biryani, or maybe trying some Bheja Fry (goat brain) then head for lunch or dinner at Meridian. In the words of Ben Imadali, it is “an institution”. Highly recommend, and you can find it here. Go hungry.

5. I’m not the biggest bubble tea guy myself, but I know we have a few avid bubble tea fans in our school. Luckily we have a pretty darn good spot about a ten minute walk from home. It’s called Pop O’Bob, and feels very San Francisco. Also a nice place to sit and hang out with people. If the bubble tea craving gets too strong follow this map

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