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Fifth Edition: Seoul

A few more finds for you to discover...

1. Baseball cages 10 minutes from UP. This is genuinely one of the most fun things I’ve done in Seoul so far. It’s on top of of a carpark, run by an older Korean man who sits in a box, and costs 1000 won for a round (you pay with 500 coins in a little machine). Go with some friends, get out some stress from classes, and if you want to make a night of it pick up some drinks and snacks from the convenience store across the road and stay for an hour or two. Go through Gangnam Station and out Exit 10. Walk straight and then take the first left. The batting cage is about 5 minutes in, (it has a green net and is above a bunch of cars).

2. Contender for best cafe I’ve found. Baesan, in Seongsu. It’s in a massive old warehouse, with a huge table through the middle, little films projecting onto the concrete wall, and is one of the most aesthetic spaces I’ve been in in Seoul. To get there, take the Green Line from Gangnam to Seongsu, take Exit 3, and walk straight for about 7 minutes. It’s on the left side of the street.

3. Bakery a few minutes walk from UP. Head left out of UP, walk to the end, cross the road, and it’s the 4th shop in on the road opposite (there is a tteokboki stand on the corner). It’s painted white, and has a few benches out front. They have delicious buns, some filled with cream, others red bean, and a few other combinations. Haven’t found a better Korean bakery, and it’s both close and cheap.

4. Biking by the Han River! Before it gets too cold (though apparently it did that overnight), I’d highly recommend renting some bikes and cycling alongside the river on a sunny day. Pack up some food and drinks, rent the bikes for a few hours, and make your way along all of the riverside parks. You can rent the bikes from a few places along the river, but it’s nice and easy to head to Banpo Hangang Park, follow the signs to the ‘Bike Workshop’ and rent them there for 3000 won an hour.

5. Local cafe great for breakfast: Eslow. This is one of my favourite places for breakfast nearby. Opens at 7am on weekdays, and I always get a fruit smoothie or fruit/vege juice. There’s also free toast here, so I get a smoothie and then have a few pieces of toast, which is a pretty decent breakfast. Also great coffee and the barista is lovely. Very close to HQ, you can find it here.

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